Schampoo for hair and body Litsea Cubeba

All skin/hair types

Schampoo for hair and body Litsea Cubeba

Mild and moisturizing body wash/shampoo for hair and body. Contains caring camelia oil that gives shine and elasticity to hair and skin. Fresh citrus scent from litsea cubeba, an Asian plant that is cleansing and soothing.

Suitable for all skin and hair types. Suitable for dry skin and scalp.

Size: 200 ml

  • Mix a small amount with water in hand, distributed over wet hair and body.
  • Rub in and rinse out.
  • For best effect, finish by rinsing your hair with cool water.

Best in test of shower gels in Kurera 2018.

“Editor’s Choice” i Beauty Shortlist 2019

The News of the Year in Organic Beauty Awards 2019.

Kinesiskt grönt te*, 2 vegetabiliska tvättämnen, havssalt, vegetabiliskt glycerol*, vegetabiliskt tvättämne, kameliaolja*, litsea cubebaolja*, provitamin B5, jojobaolja*, rosenolja*,  guarkärnmjöl, veteprotein, mjölksyra, 2 växtsalter, veg emulgator, natriumsalt, 3  vegetabiliska fuktbindare, vatten, 4 doftämnen**(finns naturligt i eteriska oljor).

*Ekologiskt certifierad ingrediens enligt standard EEC 834/2007 and USDA/FDA.

** Naturligt doftämne i eteriska oljor, inget som tillsätts separat.

I'm Vegan Cruelty Free Organic Score 65

100 % natural och 65 % organic certified content.

100 % vegan. Approved by Djurens Rätt Sweden and PETA.

Organic skincare shall feel good.

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