Rosenserien and the environment

Rosenserien cares about the environment and our planet. All our packaging is recyclable, made from recycled plastic collected from the oceans  and we use environmentally-friendly inks. Nor do we have extra boxes outside the packaging.
Organic skin care shall feel good.

Environmental and climate-friendly reasons to choose Rosenserien products

  • Based on organically grown plants and herbs
  • LocallySwedish production
  • The base of most of the products is certified aloe vera gel, which is also fair trade marked
  • Environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled plastic taken from the Oceans. They are also easy to recycle.
  • Not tested on animals, whether raw materials or finished productare among the animals properly selected skincare brand. Approved by Animals Rights in Sweden and international PETA.
  • Mild scent without synthetic perfume (fits most fragrance allergy sufferers)
  • Without the addition of synthetic substances, alcohol, animal ingredients and mineral oils
  • Very concentrated and lasting products as no water is added.

The last point may need some additional lightingno water added in the products is very unusualWater is not dangerous in itself, but to use large amounts of water has major implications for our environment. The water in our skin care products have a large environmental impact with both considering the volume of transport, packing number and volume overhaul in our treatment plants. In addition, more preservatives are needed the more water a product contains.

Sustainability policy

Environment and Climate

Our environmental approach permeates our entire chain, from ingredients to packaging, manufacturing and end products. We only work with 100% natural ingredients and our products contain primarily ingredients from certified organic farms. The products contain no added water; instead they are concentrated, which makes them long-lasting and reduces transport volumes and the number of packages. All ingredients are easily biodegradable in nature. Sweden Eco’s products are locally produced in Sweden.

The products are crafted in Jämtland and of the highest quality. All packaging is environmentally friendly: it is made of recycled plastic and is also recyclable. RS Biokosmetik AB is affiliated with FTI for responsible recycling. The printing on the packaging is also environmentally friendly. We do not use additional cardboard around containers and bottles, which place an unnecessary burden on the environment.

The office and warehouse use paper, cardboard and brochures that are environmentally labelled. We reuse transport materials and sort all leftover packaging for recycling, and all computers and printers are environmentally certified. Our headquarters are painted with environmentally friendly paint and heated with forced air.

When employees and representatives travel, they primarily travel by train, bus and other public transport. When we use transportation companies, we require them to be environmentally certified. Environmental certification means they use eco-friendly fuel and electric cars in cities.

Social responsibility

Taking social responsibility and working in accordance with the Code of Conduct is important to RS Biokosmetik AB and Rosenserien. We want a guarantee that no children are used in factories and that people do not work under poor conditions and/or for low wages. The Code of Conduct contains several requirements that we place on suppliers and producers from other countries. This covers everything from reasonable wages and good working conditions to not permitting discrimination and ensuring the right to form and join unions, such as trade unions. We also choose to buy ingredients that benefit local populations. For example, we support women in Morocco who work to produce our argan oil, and the aloe vera which is the base of most of our products is both Fairtrade and organic, and comes from a family-owned company in Guatemala. We actively work against discrimination, for example through our selection of models and partners.

We have chosen to locate our headquarters in a sparsely populated area in Valdemarsvik in order to offer jobs where it is hard to find work in Sweden; our factory in Föllinge also provides jobs in a sparsely populated region. We work for a thriving countryside in Sweden. Animals have always been important to RS Biokosmetik AB and neither our ingredients nor final products have ever been tested on animals. All Sweden Eco Skincare for Men’s products are approved by Animal Rights Sweden and international PETA and they are all 100% vegan.


To RS Biokosmetik AB, profitability is when everyone benefits throughout the organisation. Minimal environmental impact and ensuring that people have good wages and working conditions, and that the company has a sound financial foundation on which to stand, result in long-term profitability at many levels. RS Biokosmetik AB has the highest credit rating – AAA with Bisnode – and is considered one of Sweden’s best-run limited liability companies. To guarantee fair working conditions, RS Biokosmetik AB has chosen to locate its manufacturing in Sweden even though it is significantly more expensive than abroad. Consumers also benefit from products that support the environment and health.


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