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BodyButterShaping 120x400



Rich and intensely moisturizing body butter for skin in need of extra care and attention. The body butter moisturises effectively, tightens and makes the skin smooth. Contains para cress that has a documented firming effect and red clover that makes the skin soft and smooth.





Suitable for all skin types, especially good for extremely dry and irritated skin in need of additional care.

  • Apply daily to dry and selected areas.
  • May be used on the entire body if desired.
  • The body butter can usefully be applied on dampened skin
  • Can with advantage be tested on cellulite.
    • Massage the cream into the skin for a few minutes to optimize the effect.

150 ml.

ECO ORG Rosens gron 79 100Veganskt liten 100 % natural and 79 % organic certified ingredients.
100 % vegan.

Organic skin care shall feel good.

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