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If you have any questions regarding our products, please read more at "FAQ - Common asked Qestions", there you will find most answers!

Kontakt Carina 2013

Carina Swartz

CEO RS Biokosmetik AB


Tel: +46-123-104 51

Fax: +46-123-103 95

Mobile: +46-70- 317 44 48

Kontakt Anne 2013Anne Hargeson

CEO assistent at RS Biokosmetik AB


Mobil: +46-70-625 66 93

Anne works with the home page, educational and marketing material.

Kontakt Mia 2013Mia Jonsson

Customer Service / Product related issues


Tfn: +46-123-104 51

Mia works with questions asked aboit our products via e-mail and phone.

Kontakt Annelill 2013Anne-Lill Liljegren

Coach for retailers


Telefon: +46-123-72 11 76

Anne-Lill is coaching retailers and healt food storesand give lectures about Rosenserien around Sweden.


Kontakt Jerker 2013

Jerker Swartz

Purcahes and Logistics


Direct phone: +46-123-72 11 72

Fax: +46-123-103 95

Jerker is responsible for the logistics and purchases for RS Biokosmetik.

Kontakt Eva 2013

Eva Abrahamsson



Direct phone: +46-123-72 11 74

Eva takes care of invoicing, payments and most other financial issues.


Kontakt Andreas 2013

Andreas Gustavsson



Direct phone: +46-123-72 11 75

Andreas packs and sends the Rosenserien products all over the country and abroad.